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Revision And Refund Policy

The academic writing takes efforts to write the work as per proposals of the student. Accordingly, they collect a paper written giving them opportunities. We include further orders and study paper to achieve your requests too. Though, in the circumstance of a disaster of the assignment as per policy, we provide you with a refund. You have a right to ask for a refund in such conditions. OUR 99.99% of STUDENTS ARE SATISFIED

      At Global Assignment Expert, we work to provide expert quality to our students – friendly services. Although we strictly obey every law and regulation so that we can make error-free work.
        We have a favourable refund and return policy for Global Assignment Expert.
          If you wish to cancel your assignment assistance order within 3 hours or before we assign it to our team, you can book another assignment of the same value free of charge.
            It depends on the type of order you make and the timeline you have. If the Expert has started working on it, then a little deduction is applicable. A minimum Fee of 25% should be considered. With the tracker, you can track your Assignment task.
          • If the students plan to revoke/cancel the placed order, then he/she must 1st check if the work has been assigned to the Writer/Experts.
          • If the work has not been assigned to Writer/Experts, then Students can create another order with a similar requirement free of charge, as the same credits will carry forward for another assignment.
          • If in another case, the writer has already begun to work on the assignment, where the writer has been compensated for the assignment, the order placed cannot be revoked.
          • Duplicate payment refunds if you have wrongly paid twice for the same assignment order via PayPal, please contact us and send both PayPal receipts. The additional payment will be refunded at the same source (original payment method) where the payment has been received will be refunded within 10 working days of the intimation by the student.
          • We agree with the work experts and then confirm with the student. But in some cases where the task is unique and requires specialized writers or one subject needs 2 or more expert writers, and in those cases where we are unable to find writers, the student can use their wallet credit for the next similar assignment.
          • We ask the student to submit all 'requirement files' and additional or supporting documents before the deadline for submission, it is very important for the author to produce quality work. However, if a requirement is submitted after the deadline, no penalty shall be imposed on writers if the grades are low.
          • We give students total satisfaction with the reworked policy, as soon as any rework is completed, we have a timeframe to remake and remake within 48 hours, but the initial requirement should not be changed.
          • Any rework shall be brought to our attention within one month (30 days) from the date of delivery of the assignment.
          • Since the student can perform unlimited minor rework (less than 25 words) but major rework (more than 25 words) in each paragraph or technical rewriting such as IT, coding, programming, etc. related 3 at the same time, rework is permitted but no penalty is imposed on the author and no refund in this case.
          • As a writer uses paid software to test his work Quite seldom when a student has submitted his or her job to a university or college and has not been able to obtain a passing grade in the assignment. They must submit the original failed report or feedback to the accounts within a month (30 days) from the date of delivery of the assignment; in this case, we will refund 50% of their wallet as credits.This is because we've already paid 100% in advance to the writer to write-up assignments, and they're located all over the world, and it's hard to get the money back from them.
          • If any student fails, we will terminate the contract with the writer.
          • Neither any refund is provided in Urgent Assignment writing in any case in the order and the date and time of handover of the assignment are inclusive and within 24 hours.
          • As all transactions occur online through PayPal's secure gateway, no cash refund policy is applicable in the occasion of overpayment.
          • Refunds should be made and put in the same currency, in the same country if the student needs a foreign currency swap in another currency, then exchange rate charges and admin fees must be borne by the student.
          • Our reimbursement policy also depends on the order you have made, in case you take urgent assignment assistance with a 2 day guaranteed service, there will be no refund processed.
          • If the payment has been deducted twice but you have received the receipt of one payment, the extra payment will be refunded to your respective account or added in the wallet processed.
          • We provide a 100% refund for assignment assistance that does not suit your case study or that we have failed to produce as per your requirement on your teachers' markings. All you need to do is write an email and attach all your teachers' feedback. If it's rework we will do it. If its failed marks for our reasons we process your refund within 3 to 5 business days.
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